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The world that we live in today is one in which convenience is enhanced in everything that we do. People are always looking for the fast and easiest way to complete a certain task. No one wants to move for long distances to get what they need anymore. The best is what they can get from the comfort of their home by simply clicking on a button. This is what has given rise to the popularity of e-commerce today. The ability to provide your goods and services online without a doubt takes your business to the next level. One important point to note, however, is that moving onto the next level will not come automatically. Your customers have to be happy with the experience that they get when buying things form your e-commerce store.

There are a number of factors that come into play where effective e-commerce is concerned. It is important that you ensure you have a good interface. You should also have a website that is easy to use and to navigate. At Business Websoft, we are at your service to help you achieve exactly that. We will provide you with AspDotNetStorefront which is a great toolkit for e-commerce developers and a great store platform that comes with a good administration site, database and embedded shopping carts. It allows you to get total control of your storefront to help you include all the important customizations that you may need. The great thing about AspDotNetStorefront is its great ability to support a wide range of stores from music stores to clothing stores to computer products, to books to general merchandise. It does not matter what you sell, it can work with it.

At Business Websoft, we boast of highly qualified and experienced professionals who will give it their all to ensure that you do get the best possible services as far as storefronts are concerned at the most affordable prices.

Business WebSoft provides the following customization:

  • Skinning
  • Version Upgradation services
  • Modify Database
  • Mobile Site Skining
  • Payment gateways, Shipping Options, and Tax Configuration
  • Customized Advanced Searches for products
  • Product attribute and display customization
  • Product list sorting and filtering
  • Wholesale pricing and support
  • Producing sales report for local orders and international orders.
  • customize Check out and Shipping
  • Additional help pop-ups
  • Shopping cart layout and functionality
  • Set up all e-mail templates such as Welcome, Invoice.
  • Mini Cart
  • Deployment (i.e. deploying the site into the new host)
  • Data Migration
  • Any other custom requirement

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